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Practice Facility

As a Top 100 Practice Facility in America, Katke Learning Center offers you superior practice areas to boost your game. We'll take you to the next level with 100,000 square feet of natural turf hitting area, multiple target greens, three practice holes and short game areas for chipping, pitching, and putting.

Course Details
Katke Golf Course Clubhouse


PGA professional instruction is always an option to improve your golf game. From one-on-one golf instruction to our player development programs; learning the fundamentals, improving your game while having fun is what our PGA professional staff want you to take from your lesson experience.

Individual Instruction

  • 30 minute Lesson: $40
  • 60 minute Lesson: $70
  • 90 minute Lesson: $100
  • 9-hole Playing Lesson: $150
  • 18-hole Playing Lesson: $250
  • Youth/FSU Student: $40

Lesson Series (Contact the golf staff for details on how you can save when bundling multiple lesson sessions.)

Club Fitting Analysis

  • Wedge Fitting: $60
  • Iron Fitting: $60
  • Metal Wood Fitting: $60
  • Full Bag Fitting: $100
  • TrackMan Fitting: $100
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Club Fitting Analysis

Full Bag Fitting: Finding the correct equipment combination is one of the most important decisions a golfer can make. A TrackMan Fitting will focus specifically on a golfers launch angle, spin rate and dispersion while optimizing those variables based on the ability of the golfer to hit the center of the club face. This fitting will allow a golfer to find the best combination of club head design and shaft combination to deliver the best overall distance and accuracy. This fitting is recommended for the golfers who wants thirteen new clubs. A Full Bag Fitting will take 60-90 minutes.

Wedge Fitting: Wedges are the most important clubs in the bag. A correct wedge fitting is very important to a golfers scoring ability. A wedge fitting involves three steps: 1. Evaluating a golfers current wedges, 2. Testing sole designs in different turf conditions for performance and the golfer’s swing technique, 3. Create proper distance gaps between each wedge. Testing & fitting wedges will take 30-45 minutes.

Iron Fitting: Selecting and fitting for an iron requires annualizing data for ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. During this process our club-fitters will help a golfer determine which iron performs consistently the best for the golfer’s ability. Testing & fitting irons will take 30-45 minutes.

Metal Wood Fitting: Metal wood fitting combines selecting a driver, fairway or hybrid club that maximizes distance while ensuring a consistent yardage gaps between fairway metals, and hybrid clubs. Testing & fitting metal woods will take 30-45 minutes.

Programs & Camps

Katke Golf Course offers a number of player development programs that allow golfers to learn and improve their game. Our teaching priorities include golf as a game of fun, excitement, and lifetime enjoyment.

K.A.T. Junior Golf Development

A fun progressive junior program that consists of a number of focus areas that will help juniors learn, develop, & practice their skills to become better golfers & enjoy the sport of golf. Program involves four sessions designed for new golfers ages 4 and up to elite junior players considering high school or collegiate golf.

Adult Player Development Program

Weekly adult clinics are designed to be educational and fun. Clinics are offered in small group environments specific for men and women at an affordable price.

FSU Golf Camps

The Ferris State Golf Camps are designed to both strengthen and develop a young golfers skills as well as provide them with a unique on-campus college experience. Using the finest technology in golf including TrackMan, our PGA Professional staff and players from both Men’s and Women’s golf teams will work one-on-one with campers providing learning activities both on and off course maximizing the development of young athletes. Camps include; Player Showcase, Skills Camps and a High School Girls Camp. Click here to register or for additional information.

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Multi-Purpose Classroom

Located in the Katke Clubhouse, the multi-purpose room is a space for small business meetings, presentations, and classes. Beverages, snacks, or lunch may be provided upon request.

Call 231-591-3765 to reserve.

Katke Golf Course Clubhouse

Educating Since 1975

We've believed in golf since our birth in 1974 and want others who believe in the game from a young age to learn and grow in the game of golf. This is why we are a learning lab for students in the PGA Golf Management Program, the host course for Ferris Men's and Women's Golf Teams, GLIAC Golf Championships, and MHSAA State Golf Championships.