Katke Golf Course
Ferris State University

K.A.T. Youth Golf Program

July 12th–19th, 2017, 12:00am

K.A.T. Youth Golf Program uses balance and agility exercises, hand-eye coordination techniques and golf drills using a variety of practice areas that provide a number of different types of playing conditions. We provide an environment that will keep kids engaged by having a fun, interactive experience. Educating kids and involving them in golf is the goal, but keeping it fun is our primary focus. Every junior will be given an equipment evaluation and information will be provided to parents. Golf clubs are required, but for those who do not have access to equipment, every effort will be made to supply kids with clubs.

We welcome parents and grandparents to watch the development of their young athlete. If you are unsure what level to put your junior in, give us a call. We will assist with putting the kids in the correct level based on ability and age to maximize their enjoyment.  

K.A.T. Youth Golf Programs for 2017 include: S.N.A.G. SCHOOL for kids ages 4-6, PLAYER CAMP for kids ages 7-9, SPORT CAMP for kids ages 10-12, CHAMP CAMP for kids ages 13-17, K.A.T. League for Kids ages 9-14 and K.A.T. TOUR - For kids ages 14-17.   

For additional information or program application contact the golf staff, 231.591.3765 or email Ian Ziska, PGA at ianziska@ferris.edu.

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